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"My wife and I are both graduates of TurningPro.  Together, we now have a combined annual household income of over $200,000.  We now have 3 boys and with our new careers we have gone from a one bedroom apartment to building a brand new 5- bedroom, 4-bath home on a 1.2 acre lot.  We are enjoying life.”  

“If you are looking for numbers go with another program. If you are looking for a program that changes someone’s life and creates success stories -- go with TurningPro.”  

“In my new career, I work with business partners to define and improve business processes in the areas of order management, manufacturing, procurement and distribution for a billion dollar company.  I’m also tasked with creating end-to-end business processes using process mapping to streamline and improve efficiency.”  

“TurningPro was the starting point for my academic success that has led to my current success.  Before attending TurningPro, I was computer illiterate and hardly even able to turn on a computer -- much less work as an IT professional.”  

“With help from TurningPro I landed my first IT job as an entry level Business Analyst earning $57,500 per year”  

“The biggest thing was learning that your success in life is based on how much effort you put into it.”  


Employer Testimonials

“I first met the owner of TurningPro 22 years ago.  At the time I was a Division Chair in Information Technology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.   He quickly gained a reputation as a very bright, energetic, creative and ethical individual.  He demonstrated the ability to understand the information technology needs of Mayo and to deliver them.”  

"The students that I have hired from TurningPro are great!.  They have what it takes to succeed on the job with their professionalism, work ethic, and desire to learn more.  These are the basic skills that you expect college and technical graduates to have but they don't.  The relationship that I have with TurningPro is very beneficial in my recruiting activities."

"TurningPro has significantly undersold the value of their product!"

"We believe that TurningPro is a difference maker in helping our student-athletes prepare for, identify and secure a position in the career field of their choice.  At no cost to our department, it is a low-risk, high-reward program offering tremendous value.  It is a valuable service to the athletic departments that partner with TurningPro."

“The right thing for TurningPro has always been developing relationships and helping others.  I don’t know anyone who has had a more positive influence on more people than the owner of TurningPro.  I know he will continue to make a difference through his business intelligence and social responsibility to do the right thing.”  

“Although the owner of TurningPro has been successful in all his endeavors, he has never forgotten his humble past.   He has a strong desire to help other underprivileged individuals become successful…and he has gone on to help countless individuals achieve success by providing educational opportunities, direction, and motivation.”  



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